Stella T. Nguyen is an artist with many passions. Her artwork is focused on representing emotions and states of being she finds hard to describe or name. Stella uses art making itself as a form of therapy to better understand the patterns, feelings and truths in her life she has either repressed, is making sense of or needs to release. Her art is her exhalation after a period of holding breath. Her portfolio exists as a personal yet universal emotive journal. Stella hopes her work encourages contemplation and discussion where you can share your own life experiences.

Stella fills her journal with digital and analogue photography, self- portraiture, collage and poetry. The raw vulnerability of nudity, fierce power of Mother Nature and a touch of whimsy influence Stella’s aesthetic. To refine, compete with and challenge her ideas, Stella draws from her mess of a life, friends, inspirators, her work in education and studies in art therapy and photography. 

Beyond her emotive work, Stella likes to use photography as a way to slow down and embrace the world as it is around her.

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