Anna Snowsill

Anna Snowsill is a landscape and documentary photographer, who works predominantly with 35mm film.  Her work is guided by her background in natural geographies and love of remote environments.  

Anna’s interest in photography began after finding a discarded Nikon SLR in a rubbish pile next to her primary school as a 10-year-old.  However, it wasn’t until developing films from a trip to Russia in 2015 that she began to focus more seriously on her craft.  Since then Anna has held three solo exhibitions in Australia and shown throughout Europe as part of the Curated by Girls 2019 ‘New Femininity’ exhibition. 

Annas current body of work available through C.O.G showcases her affinity for desert landscapes.  After living, exploring and photographing the central desert of Australia for two years, Anna travelled to the US to document the contrasting environmental features of deserts across Utah, Arizona and California.  

She aims to amplify and educate about the ecosystems she photographs, blending her creative practice with her work in environmental conservation.

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