India d'Scarlett is an Australian Artist currently based in Byron Bay, Australia. Soft, organic and provocative, India d’Scarlett’s work is an expression of the multiplicity of the feminine. Sensual, sexual, dominant, submissive, wild, tame, lost, found, vulnerable and strong.

 Through the use of experimental in-camera techniques d’Scarlett’s photographs emanate a painterly quality and abstraction. These processes are used to distort the perception of reality in order to visualise the sublime. Within today’s society women are portrayed to the world in a one-dimensional manner - they are either Madonna or whore. However, women are infinitely more than this - divine and wild in all that they are. Beings deeply connected to Mother Earth and her cycles. Beings who bleed and lactate. Beings who are composed of the divine darkness of life as well as the divine light. d’Scarlett’s work is an exploration and expression of the organic rawness of womanhood.

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