Marianne Sebetti is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. She moved to Australia in 2012 from South-West of Russia. Her art career began in a small Russian town where she studied Fine Art professionally from a young age. 

Marianne is inspired by observations of structure and geometry in nature and architecture. Creating vast, in-depth explorations of form, balance and psychological states is Marianne Sebetti's forte. Marianne's position in the art world spans the realms of visual interpretation, painting installations and powerful minimal and figurative compositions on canvas and paper. The artist collaborates with architects and interior designers to create balanced atmospheres and art experiences in both domestic and commercial environments. 

In the studio the artist is driven by process. Her works are constantly evolving to reflect a particular topic of interest or technical capacity of a chosen art medium. Informed by years of art practice Marianne works intuitively to create seemingly spontaneous and effortlessly balanced compositions. 

Some of Marianne's most practiced media are printmaking, drawing and painting with preference for environmentally friendly techniques and materials. As such, monotype is the artist's selected printmaking technique that yields a single press impression from a copper plate. Marianne layers ink patterns and textures to create each single edition print. All works are crafted as single edition works on paper using the monotype technique. 

C.O.G has created a limited edition run of three works by Marianne Sebetti. Curated as a set, however each piece is just as powerful to be displayed and enjoyed by itself if you so desire.  

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